Why Choose Your Local Realty?

We understand what is important to property investors:

  • Achieving a reasonable return is the primary reason for the investment
  • Vacancies and unforeseen expenses can significantly affect the bottom line
  • Difficult tenants cause unwanted anxiety as well as extra costs
  • Every dollar saved makes significant difference over the long term
  • The possibility of future property investments require growth from current properties
  • Recommendations from advisors need to be accurate and timely

The services you receive from Your Local Realty are based on these priorities.

We keep you informed, all the time
Proactive communication with our clients is critical to effectively manage their property throughout the entire tenant life cycle.  Our owners advise how they want to hear from us (phone, email, SMS) and what decisions they want to make.  We then provide advice based on our local knowledge and extensive property management experience so that owners can make informed decisions.

Regular communication with tenants ensures that we monitor their compliance with their lease obligations as well as their long-term intentions.  Our presence onsite at Jacaranda Gardens provides owners with even futher levels of communication and oversight.

Daily rent arrears checks and weekly rent disbursements
Rent payments are checked daily and any arrears are followed up immediately in accordance with legislation.  In addition, owners’ rental income won’t sit idle in our trust account for up to 14 or 30 days - our owners receive weekly disbursements and a monthly intemised statement.  Finally, deductions can be made for future expenses such as insurance, council rates and future maintenance to assist with budgeting upon request.

Regular inspections every 16 weeks
We conduct thorough internal and external inspections every 16 weeks and provide owners with a thorough report with photos and any recommendations for preventative maintenance, future repairs or improvements to ensure the property’s capital growth.

Cost-effective maintenance
Repairs are an inevitable part of property ownership, but well maintained and compliant properties attract higher yields, better tenants and provide owners with more peace of mind.  We always look for the best solutions and will call you to discuss before we act. We coordinate all maintenance, including emergency repairs, using only licensed and insured contractors.  Clients are advised at all steps through the process, including copies of tax invoices for their records.

Quality tenants
We appreciate how valuable good tenants are to the success of an owner’s investment.  We also know that poor tenants can cause untold damage to an owner’s return.  Prospective tenants are carefully screened for their ability to pay rent and previous rental history, including a background check against a national tenancy database and reference checks before being sent for the owner’s approval.

Regular rent appraisals to ensure you receive the current market rate
Reviews are conducted prior to reletting a vacant property and at every lease renewal to ensure owners are receiving the highest possible rent without creating unwanted vacancies.  Appraisals are free of cost and can be requested at any time.

Effective property presentation and marketing
Industry experts report that up to 99% of tenanting enquiries now come solely from web advertising.  Vacant properties are listed on the following internet websites at no extra cost:


Private viewings are available 6 days a week by appointment and through hosted open house inspections. We also receive a steady stream walk-in enquiries as the exclusive onsite real estate agent at Jacaranda Gardens.

Our fee structure
We’ve made our fee structure simple and very competitive.  Owners are charged a fee when their property is tenanted for the first time equal to one week of rent, plus GST, to cover the cost of the following tasks:

  • Advertising the property and handling enquiries
  • Showing prospective tenants through the property
  • Processing application forms and verifying supporting documentation
  • Lease preparation and documentation process
  • Conducting the entry inspection, including photos
  • Collecting and lodging rental bond

After that, we charge a management fee based on a percentage of the rent collected and a monthly administration cost based on industry standards.  These fees cover the following:

  • Collection and checking of rent (daily)
  • Weekly disbursement of payment to landlord including monthly and annual statements
  • Organising repairs and maintenance
  • Controlling rental arrears and maintaining a rental payment ledger
  • Reviewing market rent at each renewal or new tenancy
  • Periodic inspections every 16 weeks

The only other potential fees are for very rare tribunal hearings and insurance claims, which will only be charged if the owner requests these services.  Owners will not be charged for postage, petties, routine inspections, advertising, annual statements, copies of statements, cancellation fees or any other “hidden” costs.

Other services
We can organize these other services on your behalf:

  • Depreciation schedules
  • Property valuations
  • Annual termite inspections
  • Annual pest treatments
  • Carpet cleaning
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Lawn and garden care
  • Rubbish removal

Service guarantee
We are so confident that our performance will exceed your expectations, we guarantee it.  If a client is unsatisfied with the level of service provided by us, for whatever reason, and takes the time to advise us that we’ve not met their expectations, we will manage their property free of charge for the next three months.